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FOR SALE in aid of the Clubs Charity - Royal Berks Hospital Intensive Care Unit

Rear poly kit late £420170502_181543Front poly tower kit late £420170502_181601

Diff output seals S / Early Auto? £120170502_181645DEarly type clear front indicator lenses plastic 50p20170502_181747Haynes workshop  manual 69 to 85 years £520170502_182121

Poly quick release engine mounts £4 20170502_192613

Odd poly mounts £2 or 50p each20170502_192653Early glass indicator lenses £1 each


caliper pistons 36mm (4pot?)20170502_192917

Assorted door fittings £5 the lot or 50p each20170502_193013

Exhaust Y piece - unknown make - large bore 41mm small bores 34mm £120170502_193030