OK How much?

£9 per annum per person, April to March, with discounts for under 17's and students or joining partway through the year (email for details)

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Some FAQ's

Q, Why is there a membership fee?
A, Well basically, we believe that all the things the club needs, to do the things we want, should be paid for by all the members and not just one or two.

Q, What things does it pay for?
A, It pays for all the kit used for club stands at shows such as Gazebo and flags etc. It also pays for Public Liability insurance. It pays for our Club Membership of the Federation of British Historic Vehicle Clubs (FBHVC). It allows us to buy regalia and stickers for members at a discount. Those are the main items.

Q, I see you have a Constitution - is that not just a fancy name for a load of rules? I don't like clubs with rules
A, Well yes it is a fancy name for rules. Why do we have them? Well basically once you start to handle money some basic rules mean everyone knows where they stand regarding the money and how it is accounted for. Having money also means we need a bank account and to open one you need a constitution of some sort.